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Caroline Verge - Notary Public and Mediator.
Caroline is the principal of Verge Whitford & Co. She is a fellow of the Australian and New Zealand College of Notaries and nationally accredited as a mediator by the Law Society of NSW.
Named one of the most influential people in Australian TV (SMH 28 September 2015), Caroline has specialised in film, multimedia and television law for over 25 years, both in private legal practice and in-house at ABC-TV, the Australian Film Commission and the Australian Film Television and Radio School.
She has extensive experience in negotiating production, financing, distribution and consultancy agreements, international co-productions and advising generally on commercial matters, media contracts and copyright.

Caroline has worked on many hours of successful Australian film and television production such as Have You Met the Listers?, Sherpa, Paper Planes, Sleeping Beauty, Redfern Now, First Contact, Matilda & Me, Partisan, Snowtown, Balibo, The Rocket, Agony Uncles, Romulus My Father, Art & Soul, RAMPAGE!, and online projects such as Aunty Donna, The Australiana Hostel, In Our Future, The Pure Drop and Podlove.

She has presented numerous papers on all legal aspects of film, television and digital production.
Caroline is a past vice-president of Women In Film and Television (NSW). She is a notary public and a nationally accredited mediator.
Languages spoken -  English and French.




Verge_screenresphoto3.jpg - smallVeronica Dounis
Veronica manages the firm's Trade Mark practice, searching, registering and renewing various trademarks. She is also Personal Assistant to Caroline Verge.
Her focus and organisational skills allow her to fully engage in her roles adding to the professionalism and dedication of the firm. Veronica's strengths include researching, proofreading, editing, and drafting correspondence.
Veronica's previous roles include Personal Assistant to ex-Governor-General Quentin Bryce (in her role as Sex Discrimination Commissioner), Personal Assistant to the Clerk of the House of Representatives, Parliament House Canberra, and she has also worked in sales and marketing for a major film distribution company.
Languages spoken -  English, Spanish, Italian.